Stop Relying On the Energy Grid

Set up solar panel installation service in Ridgefield, Battle Ground & Salmon Creek, WA

Do you want your home to operate completely independent of the energy grid? Turn to Cascadia Renewables, LLC. We provide solar panel installation services in Ridgefield, Battle Ground, Salmon Creek, WA and surrounding areas.

You can hire our technician to install a system that will supplement your grid energy reliance or replace it entirely. Call 360-857-9460 right now to set up a consultation to learn more about residential solar panels.

Let us install your residential solar panels

Why choose Cascadia Renewables for solar panel installation work? There are several reasons to turn to us. Here are a few:

  • We can install residential solar panels of all types.
  • We can tie the system to your utility grid or keep it off-grid.
  • Our technician is the only nationally certified PV installer in the area.

With years of industry experience, our owner can assess your home's energy usage and find the best spots to install solar panels on your roof. Contact us right now to get started on your installation in the Ridgefield, Battle Ground & Salmon Creek, WA area.